90 min | Morocco | 2022

The Stranger

The Stranger – الغريب

112 minutes | Palestine, Qatar, Syrian Arab Republic, Germany | 2021

So We Live

So We Live – لذا نعيش
16 minutes | Belgium | 2020

Searching For Amal

Searching For Amal – البحث عن أمل
29 minutes | Egypt | 2020

Erased, _ Ascent of the Invisible

Erased, _ Ascent of the Invisible – رحلة صعود اللامرئي – طرس
76 minutes | Lebanon | 2018


Amussu – أموسّو

100 minutes | Morocco | 2019

As You Can See poster

As You Can See

As You Can See – زي ما انتي شايفة
7 minutes | Egypt | 2019

200 meters Poster

200 Meters

Occupied Palestinian Territory, Jordan, Qatar, Italy, Sweden| 96 minutes | 2020 | Fiction اقرأ المزيد

A Haunted Past

The film tells the story of Tawfiq, A Tunisian soldier who fought in the Bosnian war against Serbian forces. He ends up imprisoned for six years after returning to Tunisia, only to discover that his Bosnian wife has abandoned their family leaving him to care for their three daughters. He struggles daily between caring for his torn family and his need to seek revenge.

Fatma Ryahi | Tunisia | Documentary | 2018 | 90 min

Abdullah and Laila

Haunted by memories of his childhood in Baghdad, Abdullah suffers from dementia and struggles to communicate with his British-born daughter, Leilah. As his mind wavers between the past and the unfamiliar present, he no longer remembers the life he has lived in London for the past 60 years or the fluent English he had spoken. Leilah, who only speaks English, needs one last moment of connection with her father before she also fades from his memory.

Ashtar Al Khirsan| UK, Iraq | Fiction | 2017| 19 min