Master Class in Morocco

White Night by L’Association des Rencontres Méditérranéennes du Cinéma et des droits de l’Homme

(ARMCDH), Bidayat for Audio Visual Arts and Karama Beirut announce a multi day workshop to take place in Rabat, Morocco, during the month of April 2020. This master class will experiment with a multidisciplinary approach, to interrogate the ethics of documentary filmmaking; the fundamental question is regarding the ethicality of using locations that were once war zones, particulary places that witnessed collective traumatic events, such as genocides, wiping out, bombarding and sieges.


How does one go about using these locations, especially when attempting to contextual the narrative within the painful narratives of these physical landscapes?


The master class will also focus on the “right to the image” in the field of cinema and the ethical issues of the profession i.e. the rights of the subjects we depict in documentaries and the image of violence, how we choose to represent it.