Entries by Sawsan Darwaza

ANHAR productions:

ANAHR network in collaboration with Ma3mal 612 Think factory and HRDO Center have produced its third infographic short film. It’s premiere was at Karama HRFF in the Youth Forum. The title is youth employment and participation in the MENA region. The infographic included simplified visualizations and explanations of statistics of the dynamics of demographics in […]

Sudan independent film festival

The sixth edition of Sudan Independent Film Festival (SSIF) took place between January 21 and 27, 2020. This edition celebrates a new Sudan and a new dawn of Sudanese cinema, in concert with the merits of the extended struggles and strife, painting the face of the revolution that is our people- in that glorious December. […]

Erato Festival – Karama Libya

The 3rd edition of Erato HRFF in Libya has been postponed from 24th of December 2019 to March 2020 mainly because of the overwhelming fighting and political situation in Tripoli in addition to funding challenges. The Erato Festival team has already finished all the plans including selection of films and programing of the screenings and […]

Karama Tunis in February 2020

Under the theme “The World Revolts”, ACTIF association announces the sixth edition of Karama Tunis HRFF, to take place from the 18th till the 22nd of February 2020. The screenings took place in Tunis the Capital, The cities of Kairouan, Gafsa and the town of Bizerte. 26 films were screened multiple times across the different […]

Master Class in Morocco

White Night by L’Association des Rencontres Méditérranéennes du Cinéma et des droits de l’Homme (ARMCDH), Bidayat for Audio Visual Arts and Karama Beirut announce a multi day workshop to take place in Rabat, Morocco, during the month of April 2020. This master class will experiment with a multidisciplinary approach, to interrogate the ethics of documentary […]

Parallel Screenings; Ashtar and Tiro-Istabuli theatre

The Istanbul Theater and the Tiro Society of Arts opened the second edition of the Lebanon International Theatrical Festival “Tiro International Art”, under the slogan “Art for Change”, from the 7th till the 10th of December. The festival offers theatrical, cinematic and musical performances to its direct community and locality, in hopes of enriching cultural […]

Window on Karama Yemen

For the second consecutive year Karama HRFF hosted a special screening program entitled “Window on Karama Yemen”. This special screening program hosts Karama Yemen Human Rights Film Festival, which took place in its first edition in April 2019. This program aims to celebrate Yemeni films, and particularly youth who invest titanic efforts in order to […]

Karama Palestine– Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival

The fifth consecutive edition of The Red-Carpet Human Rights Film Festival was held over the course of 6 days, from the 4th till the 10th of December in different Cultural Centers, universities, institutes and colleges in Gaza, Jerusalem, Ramallah, the West Bank and Bethlehem. The decentralized Festival was in collaboration with the A.M. Qattan Foundation, […]

ANHAR Award – Nominations and winner

During this year’s annual meeting the network members decided on the winner of the ANHAR award: The winner was the Tunisian nomination “The Haunted Past”, a feature documentary by Tunisian director Fatma Ryahi. The film tells the story of Tawfiq, A Tunisian soldier who fought in the Bosnian war against Serbian forces. He ends up […]