Parallel Screenings; Ashtar and Tiro-Istabuli theatre

The Istanbul Theater and the Tiro Society of Arts opened the second edition of the Lebanon International Theatrical Festival “Tiro International Art”, under the slogan “Art for Change”, from the 7th till the 10th of December. The festival offers theatrical, cinematic and musical performances to its direct community and locality, in hopes of enriching cultural and artistic exchange. This edition was in cooperation with Karama HRFF – The festival took place in The Lebanese National theatre of Tire; with the participation of 12 Arab and foreign countries including Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Lithuania, Egypt, Jordan, Brazil, France, and others.

In the presence of a diverse crowd of students and parents; the performances were initiated with a street carnival which included a musical performance by the “band of the left” and the “Palestinian Saraj Al-Awda” band, and a film entitled “Return to São Paulo” by the Brazilian director Yogo Hattori.

Another Part of the ANHAR outreach package took place in ASHTAR premises in Ramallah, wherein an ANHAR film package was screened on the 21st of. Dec. 2019.