I Want To Live

17 minutes | Palestine | 2012

It's Not a Gun

67 minutes | France | 2006

Dying of the light

5 minutes | Palestine | 2008

For a Living

5 minutes | Palestine | 2012

Setback of the Spirit

15 minutes | Jordan | 2017

GAZA-STROPHE, the day after

55 minutes | Palestine | 2011

Ghost Hunting

94 minutes | Palestine, Qatar, France | 2017

The Tower

74 minutes | France, Norway, Sweden | 2018


4 minutes | Jordan | 2022


60 minutes | Qatar, Tunisia | 2023

...To The Sea

8 minutes | Canada | 2023


66 minutes | Palestine | 2023

Civilization of Equality

4 minutes | Qatar | 2023

On My Father’s Grave

24 minutes | Morocco | 2023

Anxious in Beirut

93 minutes | Lebanon, Qatar, Spain, Jordan | 2023

Sebastia Disagreement

15 minutes | United Kingdom | 2023

Karam Camera

17 minutes | United States, Turkey | 2023

Notes on Displacement

74 minutes | Germany, Qatar, Palestine | 2022

Fragrance of Laurel

20 minutes | Syrian Arab Republic | 2023

IBN ALWADI - Son of the Valley

16 minutes | Jordan | 2023

that seven days

32 minutes | Palestine | 2023

Yallah Gaza

101 minutes | France, Palestine | 2023


16 minutes | Iraq | 2023

Heavy Metal

31 minutes | Jordan, Germany | 2023

Next Attack on Jenin

12 minutes | United States, Palestine | 2023

Iraq's Invisible Beauty

86 minutes | Belgium, France | 2022

Under The Sky Of Damascus

88 minutes | United States, Denmark, Germany, Syrian Arab Republic | 2023

The Spider-Man of Sudan

23 minutes | Sudan | 2022

Sarura: The Future is an Unknown Place

80 minutes | Italy, Palestine | 2023


18 minutes | Morocco | 2022

My lost country

94 minutes | Iraq, Egypt, Chile | 2022

Bank of Targets

25 minutes | Palestine | 2021

The tank and the olive tree

101 minutes | France | 2019

A Second Life - Gadeha

93 min | Tunisia | 2022

Miaser and Uri

46 min | Palestine | 2022


9 min | France, Germany, Saudi Arabia | 2021

From The Mountain

19 min | Jordan, Syria, United States | 2021

Palestine 87

13 min | Palestine | 2022

Beirut Borhan

116 min | Lebanon, France | 2022

The Odor of Orange

19 min | Syria | 2022


105 min | USA | 2021

Last May in Palestine

20 min | Palestine | 2022

Love Will Come Later

81 min | Switzerland | 2021

From Cairo

64 min | Egypt | 2021

Guardian of the Worlds

90 min | Qatar, France, Tunisia | 2022


16 min | Palestine | 2022

R 21 aka Restoring Solidarity

71 min | Palestine, Qatar, Belgium | 2022


52 min | France, Palestine | 2020

Beirut: Eye of the Storm

75 min | Lebanon, France | 2021

Love in Galilee

20 min | Lebanon | 2021

The Whistle

5 min | Iraq | 2022

The Blue Inmates

75 min | Lebanon | 2021


20 min | Egypt | 2021


8 min | Jordan | 2022


30 min | Sudan | 2022


5 min | Algeria | 2021

Blind Spot

13 min | Tunisia | 2022

Summer, City and a Camera

23 min | Syria | 2022


13 minutes | Lebanon | 2021


90 min | Morocco | 2022

Al Manaih

15 minutes | Jordan | 2021


89min | Morocco | 2019

The Ghosts We Left at Home

21min | Jordan | 2020

Shattered: Beirut 6.07

17min | Lebanon | 2020

Only the Ocean Between Us

87min | Jordan, Peru | 2021

Memory is a Dying Horse

28min | Canada | 2021


5min | Palestine, Netherlands | 2020

How My Grandmother Became A Chair

9min | Lebanon, Germany | 2021


22min | Egypt | 2020

Go Home

14min | United Kingdom | 2021


112min | Egypt, Netherlands, France, Greece | 2021

Fadia's Tree

82min | United Kingdom, Lebanon, Palestine | 2021

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

9min | Yemen, USA, UAE, Netherlands, Qatar | 2021

As I Want

88min | Egypt, France, Norway, Palestine, Germany | 2021

A Year in Exile

19min | Turkey, Syria | 2021

A Home of One's Own

79min | Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt | 2020


13min | Lebanon | 2021


25 minutes | Egypt | 2021


Palestine, Jordan, Qatar, Germany | 2021 | 16min


Jordan | 2021 | 9min

One of us left the photo

Syria | 2021 | 16min

Room without a view

Austria, Germany | 2020 | 75min

The Stranger

The Stranger - الغريب 112 minutes | Palestine, Qatar, Syrian Arab Republic, Germany | 2021

All This Victory

All This Victory - جدار الصوت 93 minutes | Lebanon, France, Qatar | 2019

So We Live

So We Live - لذا نعيش 16 minutes | Belgium | 2020

Searching For Amal

Searching For Amal - البحث عن أمل 29 minutes | Egypt | 2020

Erased, _ Ascent of the Invisible

Erased - طرس 76 minutes | Lebanon | 2018
ALNAJMA poster


ALNAJMA - النجمة 10 minutes | Lebanon | 2020
We Are from There poster

We Are from There

We Are from There - نحن من هناك 82 minutes | Lebanon, France | 2020
Gevar's Land poster

Gevar's Land

Gevar's Land - أرض جيفارا 80 minutes | France | 2020


FATWA - فتوى 102 minutes | Tunisia | 2018


100 minutes | Morocco | 2019
As You Can See poster

As You Can See

As You Can See - زي ما انتي شايفة 7 minutes | Egypt…
200 meters Poster

200 Meters

Occupied Palestinian Territory, Jordan, Qatar, Italy, Sweden|…

A Haunted Past

The film tells the story of Tawfiq, A Tunisian soldier who fought…

Abdullah and Laila

Haunted by memories of his childhood in Baghdad, Abdullah suffers…


A Smuggler who only smuggles males, clandestinely attempts to…

The Healer

Abdou, a 16-year old teenager, living on the outskirts of a phosphate…

Between Two Seas

A family from a rural area in Egypt is torn apart after a tragic…

Am I a Human?!

Michelle, an intellectual and writer who. Due to his ideology,…

When We're Born

The film interweaves the hopes and dreams of three characters…

The Olden Heralds

At almost 90 years old, Tatá and Esperanza witness the election…


Indigo is the color given by a villages psychic to children endowed…


The film takes place in the streets and alleys of Taiz city.…

I Signed the Petition

A Palestinian man signs an online petition supporting the cultural…

The last Resort

The film revolves around the difficulties that citizens face…


Yousef is a 20 year old photo-journalist from Gaza. As he is…

Michel's Flight

This is the history of Michael. Standing powerfully in the face…


A poetic documentary about sexual harassment and the emotional…

After 8 Years

On a Friday 2010, at Nabi Saleh Village, four kids were interviewed…

Five Minutes

25 minutes | Palestine | 2018

When You Grow Up

What is work? Everyone works and has to work. The 40-hour workweek…

Violently in Love

What does it take to break the cycle of violence? Behind the…

The Swing

Viviane and Antoine have lived together for 65 years, and while…

Off Sides

A group of teenage ice hockey players from the Czech town of…

For Sama

A love letter from a young mother to her daughter; “For Sama”…

Talking About Trees

Suliman and three other members of the ‘Sudanese Film Club’…


In Rural Colombia, veteran activist Don Eduardo, rising political…

Still Recording?

Saeed is a young cinephile trying to teach other youth…

Tiny Souls

When Marwa is nine years old, she flees with her family from…

Khartoum Offside

A group of young women in Khartoum are determined to play football…


A portrait of how  people attempt to lead meaningful lives against…

Western Arabs

Omar Shargawi wants to understand his father better and he often…

Liza's Tale

Today, the world is an uncomfortable place. Two of the four characters…


In 2002, Ziad and Ramzi are the stars of Al-Amari basketball…


Despite the noise and chaos of the refugee camp, two young Palestinian…


A reflection about modern man in the age of omnipresent technology.…

Just Another Memory

Amidst the ongoing war in Yemen, people are torn between being…

Six Home

Some little girls are playing hopscotch, one of the girls…


Driss and Zahra leave their fisherman's village to take…

Q's Barbershop

By the square of Denmark’s largest social housing estate, lies…


In Morocco, tribes called 'Soulaliyates' own 15 million hectares…

2nd Class

Charlotte has got a new job as a second grade teacher. One night…


For 5 years, Angelo manages to bring artists from all over the…

The Good Terrorist

Renowned filmmaker Robert Oey investigates the world of terrorism…

Uno - One

Far out at sea, a cell phone floating inside an air-tight bag…

May the End of the World Catch You Dancing

A Street violinist gets ready to play in his usual spot. Hearing…

The Last Leaf

A story about a little leaf who despite all Nature's laws, dreams…

Game of Chicken

Tony, 14 years old, has a hard time trying to fit in…

The Visit

Klaus (60) works voluntary as a Santa Claus in a shopping mall.…

A Clown's Tale

Marko and Harald are two struggling artists who work a variety…


A man hides his job from his wife. His wife wants to find out…

Burqa City

Souleymane and Leila just got married, for better or for worse.…

Angel's Mirror

In China, in the early 1990’s, a little boy and his family…


A voice says I would like to make you feel nice and comfortable,…

El Inferno / Hell

Chennu, as a street kid, committed his first crime when he was…

Portraits of my Mother

This is a documentary about my mother and the moment that changed…

Give Me That Camera

The documentary follows a director’s journey as he seeks to…

I Wanted to Live

"I Wanted to Live" is an up-to-the-minute cinematic challenge,…


Maelstrom is a Documentary of found footage composed out…


The story of a female who wants to be a child, not a woman. Behzad…

Sweet Discomfort of Missed Connections

Zahi returns to Lebanon to organize his father’s funeral. His…

Tehran's Plaque

The story is about a woman who crashes into a food truck. The…

I'm Not an Actress

The story of an Iranian actress who seeks to research drugs and…

Driving Lessons

According to the laws of Iran, Bahareh must have her traditional,…

Prisoner and Jailer

"Prisoner and Jailer" tells the story of two contrasting Libyans:…

This is my Night

A woman from a low income family decides to enjoy a day out with…


As punishment, a soldier is relocated from the field to the bureaucratic…


Three generations of Moroccan women exchange their feelings…


A Docu-drama exposing the treatment that Yemeni nationals face…

Ala Ajal

A short documentary about the reality of the sport of boxing…


Rufina is ready to spend a field day, surrounded by…

The Guest - Aleppo to Istanbul

The film follows the journey of Lena and Meryem, who fled the…

The Voice of the Rainbow

A musician hears his wife’s paintings, bringing his melodies…


Rupture follows the journey of four Arab teens on their…


Having fled the war in Syria, Fatimah’s life in a refugee camp…


Docu-drama of everyday Yemenis. As they talk about their daily…

I Am Ahlam

In a village in Yemen, Ahlam confronts the status quo of females…

The Day of the Virgin

Sarah, a French-speaker, lives in a city where the majority of…


Samah, 15 years old, lives in miserable conditions with her…

The Jaida

Four women meet in Dar Joued (a women's prison) on the eve…


After living in Germany for 12 years, Hanna’s mother falls…

Counting Tiles

Forty years ago, she fled with her parents from Lebanon to Greece.…

The Borrowed Dress

Grandma Susu (80), her daughter Doaa (50), and her grandchild…

The Box

Have you heard the phrase, think outside the box? This is a…

A Flickering Truth

Can the men who risked their lives in Afghanistan restore the…

They Will Have To Kill Us First

What kind of resistance will emerge when extremists ban music…

Taa' Marbouta

This film is geared towards a female empowering mission stat…

Not Who We Are

A documentary by Carol Mansour depicting the political aftermath…

Patchwork House

15 minutes | Jordan | 2013

A Room with Millions of Walls

All the world's satellites and surveilance equipment cannot observe…

Bahar in Wonderland

Where do you hide from danger when you can't hide anywhere? The…

Three Wars of Milad

From his perspective, how would an eight year old Palestian kid…

On the Bride's Side

A Palestinian poet and an Italian journalist help five Palestinians…

The Afghan Doll

Short Animation about a little girl during the civil war in …

We Are Egyptian Armenians

Documentary of the lives of Armenians in Egypt, their history,…

Open Bethlehem

Film director Leila Sansour returns to Bethlehem to make a film…