Window on Karama Yemen

For the second consecutive year Karama HRFF hosted a special screening program entitled “Window on Karama Yemen”. This special screening program hosts Karama Yemen Human Rights Film Festival, which took place in its first edition in April 2019. This program aims to celebrate Yemeni films, and particularly youth who invest titanic efforts in order to produce art that represents their reality.  The event, which included the screening of 7 Yemeni films (list available below), a musical performance and Special under the patronage H.E. Hans Grundberg, the ambassador of EU to Yemen. It was concluded by a Panel discussion with the three Yemeni filmmakers Mariam Al-Dhubhani (Just another Memory), Yousef Assabahi (LandMined) and Mohammed Moussa (Pathetic).


Screened films:

“Carroom” by Nashwan Sadeq (10 min)

“Dreams at the Age of Nine” by Dheya Sharaf (14 min)

“The Last Resort” by Noor Adeen Morgan (10 min)

“LandMined” by Yousef Assabahi (21 min)

“Just Another Memory” by Mariam Al-Dhubhani (15 min)

“The Helmet” by Osama Khaled (9 min)

“Pathetic” by Mohammed Moussa (6 min)