Searching For Amal

Searching For Amal – البحث عن أمل
29 minutes | Egypt | 2020

Erased, _ Ascent of the Invisible

Erased, _ Ascent of the Invisible – رحلة صعود اللامرئي – طرس
76 minutes | Lebanon | 2018

We Are from There poster

We Are from There

We Are from There – نحن من هناك
82 minutes | Lebanon, France | 2020

Gevar's Land poster

Gevar’s Land

Gevar’s Land – أرض جيفارا
80 minutes | France | 2020


Amussu – أموسّو

100 minutes | Morocco | 2019

As You Can See poster

As You Can See

As You Can See – زي ما انتي شايفة
7 minutes | Egypt | 2019

The Voice of the Rainbow

A musician hears his wife’s paintings, bringing his melodies to life. A painter sees her husband’s music, creating work in captivating color.

Tameem Amer | Yemen | Documentary | 2018 | 12 min


Having fled the war in Syria, Fatimah’s life in a refugee camp in Jordan is run by a patriarchal system. To maintain some peace in the tent city, she succumbs to obeying orders from males, avoiding confrontation. Fatimah talks bravely of the lack of privacy, and the constant judgement and shaming from the men around. Resilient, determined, and wise beyond her young years, she shares her lessons for survival.

In the presence of filmmaker, Omar Rammal

Omar Rammal| Jordan| Documentary| 2018| 10 min

I Am Ahlam

In a village in Yemen, Ahlam confronts the status quo of females as secondary citizens with no awareness of, nor right to, their rights. She is determined to pursue education as her weapon. As the only female with a university education, she commits herself to teaching, and despite the onslaught of war that disrupts schooling, her resourcefulness enables her to find backing to forge ahead with an education for all plan.

Shadi Al-Areeqi | Yemen | Documentary | 2018 | 12 min


Samah, 15 years old, lives in miserable conditions with her family in northwestern Tunisia. Victim of a dire financial situation, the teenager takes the first step in her life on an identical path to that of her mother and ancestors.

Anis Absi| Tunisia| Documentary| 2018| 26 min

Counting Tiles

Forty years ago, she fled with her parents from Lebanon to Greece. Now filmmaker Cynthia Choucair sees how history is repeating itself. The Greek island of Lesbos is being flooded with refugees. It’s an ideal spot for Clowns Without Borders, an organisation that welcomes refugees with humour and cheerfulness, as an antidote to fear and mistrust. Red nose on, bubbles ready to be blown: the group of volunteers is prepared. But where are the refugees?

Cynthia Choucair| Lebanon| Documentary| 2018| 85 min

The Borrowed Dress

Grandma Susu (80), her daughter Doaa (50), and her grandchild Saad (16) are forced to flee the Syrian civil war and live in diaspora, united by the desire to return home.

Leen Alfaisal| UAE, Jordan, Lebanon| Documentary| 2017| 56 min

You Are A Terrorist

District Zero

One Million Steps

Searching for the Translator

Love During The Siege

Cairo 30th

Tuk Tuk

Becoming Bulletproof

Singing in Exile

A Place for Everyone

A Flickering Truth

Can the men who risked their lives in Afghanistan restore the records of its colorful diverse past…?

They Will Have To Kill Us First

What kind of resistance will emerge when extremists ban music in Mali?

We Want to Know

A Part of Her

Not Who We Are

A documentary by Carol Mansour depicting the political aftermath of war victims.

Bahar in Wonderland

Where do you hide from danger when you can’t hide anywhere? The Kurdish girl Bahar believes she has found a way. This is the story of Bahar, a little girl, who given the circumstances shes in cannot be a child. In order to fight her fears, she believes that she can be invisible by closing her eyes.

Three Wars of Milad

From his perspective, how would an eight year old Palestian kid ‘Milad’ see the wars of the adults?

On the Bride’s Side

A Palestinian poet and an Italian journalist help five Palestinians and Syrians reach Sweden.

We Are Egyptian Armenians

Documentary of the lives of Armenians in Egypt, their history, and stories.

Open Bethlehem

Film director Leila Sansour returns to Bethlehem to make a film about her home town, soon to be encircled by a wall. She left the city as a teenager thinking that Bethlehem was too small and provincial. She never wanted to return but this time she is making an exception. She intends her film to be a tribute to her late father, founder of Bethlehem University, and a man regarded as a hero by his town’s folk. As Bethlehem approaches ruin her decision to flee this sleepy town, taken much to her father’s regret, comes to haunt her.



If You Meant to Kill Me


Growing Home

CAIRO 30th

Drawing on a Nude Body

We cannot go there now, my Dear

The Rise of the Houthis