Full Name in English PARALESTINE
Full Name in Arabic PARALESTINE
Running Time 66 min
Country of Production Palestine
Date of Production 2023

This film documents an inspiring dramatic journey of some self-reliant Palestinians who turned disabled due to their injuries resulted from the conflict rounds in Gaza strip from 1987 on and were left to their destiny. Narrated by characters from different generations, the story goes across the contemporary history of Palestine and the Palestinian dream, hope and despair.

Director Name Yasser Ibrahim Abu Wazna
About the director

Born and raised in Gaza city, Yasser holds a degree in English literature arts, literature, and management. Yasser is an awarded video journalist and filmmaker based in the Gaza Strip. He produced a wide range of feature and mini documentary films. He’s been considered by world largest media outlets as one of the best video journalists and filmmakers in the Arab world and the Middle East.
He worked in and around media since 2005, bringing years of experience working in considerable projects with the United Nations to the table.