The White Night Festival: Activities of the ARMCDH, Morocco

On the 24th of November 2022, ARMCDH (L’Association des Rencontres Méditerranéennes du Cinéma et Droits de l’Homme) organized a joint event with ANHAR network to screen the documentary film supported by the network: “From Cairo”. The screening was in the presence of the Egyptian director Hala Galal, as part of the “Cinematic Thursday” activity, which was followed by a distinguished discussion with the audience. Among the prominent films that were also screened is the feature film “My Brothers and I” by Yohan Manca. A connected debate was held on the 22nd of December 2022 at Renaissance Cinema in Rabat.

This screening activity is part of the new project ”Advocating for Human Rights: Cinema for the Reform of Public Policies and Reform of Public Cinema Policy in Morocco” funded by the European Union. The association is working on initiatives to support organizations specialized in producing short films on human rights and establishing cinema clubs within rehabilitating and educational centers for minors to reintegrate them into society.