The White Night of Cinema – Morocco

The Association of Mediterranean Meetings of Cinema and Human Rights (ARMCDH) was organized on the 22nd and 23rd of July, 2022 for the 11th edition of Nuit Blanche of Cinema and Human Rights on the theme: ‘Cinema and Family Rights’. The event was held in Rabat at the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (BRNM) and online, from the 22nd to the 31st of July through the digital cinema platform of the ARMCDH

During two years of health emergency state, long periods of confinement and restrictions on freedom of movement, family was the central element in the public debate around the management of the crisis. Many problems emerged in public debate during this period: family violence, protection of the elderly, deaths of relatives without being able to attend funerals, etc. These are all elements that prompted the ARMCDH to choose the theme of the family for the 11th edition of the White Night of Cinema and Human Rights.

The concept of the family emerged as a legal concept with the new family code, a concept that was enshrined in the new constitution. Can we speak of family rights as collective rights depending on the State’s responsibility to protect? What are the mechanisms put in place through the various public institutions to protect the family? What consistency is there between the different stakeholders? Can we speak of a public family policy? So many questions that the event wishes to help answer through the screening of films and the organization of debates.

The first public screening was with the film “The autumn of the apple trees” directed by Mohamed Mouftakir on the 22nd of July at 8:30 p.m on the esplanade of the BNRM:
9 films were screened, both outdoors and on the ARMCDH digital cinema platform:

– My life as a zucchini, by Claude Barras. Entertainment – Switzerland
– Naima, by Sami SaifSirelkhatim. Short film- Morocco
– The autumn of the apple trees, by Mohamed Mouftakir. Fiction – Morocco
– The art of illusion, by Claudia Varejão. Short film – Portugal.
– Wajib, by Annemarie Jacir. Fiction – Palestine
– Renault 12, by Mohamed El Khatib. Documentary – France- Morocco
– Pupil, by Jeanne Herry. Fiction – France
– Tender Threads, by OuijdaneKhallid. Short film- Morocco
– John, by Louis Heem. Documentary- France

The debate was moderated by the journalist Jamaâ Goulahsen on the 23rd of July at 6 p.m. in the BNRM auditorium:

A debate led by the brilliant journalist Jamaâ Goulahsen, with the participation of Mrs. Aouatif Hayar, Minister of Solidarity, Social Integration and the Family, Mr. El Mostafa Rezrazi, President of the Moroccan Observatory on Extremism and Violence and Professor at the Faculty of Governance, Economics and Social Sciences (Mohamed VI University – Polytechnic), Mrs. Samya El Mousti, National Director SOS Children’s Villages Morocco, Mr. Khalid Hanfioui, Researcher in social sciences and expert in the fields of childhood and social changes and Ms. Touria Houssam, researcher in social sciences and professor at the National Institute of Social Action of Tangier (INAS).

The White Night of Cinema and Family Rights is organized in partnership with the Heinrich Böll Rabat Foundation, UN Women Morocco, the French Institute, the Swiss Embassy in Morocco, the Portuguese Embassy in Morocco, and the Institut Camões, the Portuguese Short Film Agency, the Moroccan Cinematographic Center. The event also benefits from the media support of Hit Radio, Today Morocco and

Joint event: screening of film “Feathers-Reesh” with Morocco and Amman 27th January – 29 January / 2022

The Egyptian film “Feathers-Reesh” was screened as part of a joint event between the Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Jordan and the White Night Festival in Morocco/Rabat. The film “Reesh” has won “Karama Feather Award” for Best Feature Fiction Film. The film won many important awards globally and in the Arab world, such as the Critics’ Week Award at the “Cannes International Film Festival” 2021 in addition to its nomination for the Golden Camera Award, and won the “El Gouna Golden Star” Award for Best Arab Feature Film at El Gouna International Film Festival in Egypt 2021. The film was screened in Rabat for three days, on 27th, 28th and 29th of January 2022, while the event was postponed in Amman due to the weather and heavy snow.

Association of the Mediterranean Encounters ARMCDH (White Night) – Morocco

The White Night Festival celebrated its 10th edition in Rabat on 9th till 16th of July 2021.The Festival was mounted physically in the open air and in the National Library in the capital of Morocco. It hosted 10 films of various lengths: 3 documentaries, 5 fiction and 2 short films, all Human rights themed- such as Fame by the directors Giacomo Abbruzzese and Angelo Milano, and “Sukkar” by Ilias al Faris. The selection was done from 6 countries: France, Switzerland, Palestine, Italy, Mexico,and Morocco. Armcdh organized several seminars and discussions in the National Library location. Most important seminars and guest speakers were: ‘freedom of creation: between the constitutional basis and the momentum of the new model of development ‘ orchestrated by Fadoua Maroub, president of the ARMCDH, highlighted the testimonies of eminent speakers: Driss Ksikes (writer, journalist and member of the special commission on the new development model), Abdelkader Lagtaâ, (Director , Moroccan screenwriter and producer) Naima Zitane (director), Hicham Laasri (director and writer, Yassine Adnane (journalist and writer) on the exercise of the freedoms of thought, expression and creation and to answer several questions from the public present on site and through social networks.  The debate was concluded by Ms. Fadoua Maroub, covering the highlights of the 10th Nuit Blanche du Cinéma et des Libertés.

However; the White Night Festival was denied the open air opening ceremony by the government officials, 48 hours before the event, even though they had taken all necessary approvals beforehand. (Press Release Morocco)

Additionally, programmed Films were screened on the electronic platform only to take into account the conditions of Covid 19, in case the audiences will not reach the venues.


Association of the Mediterranean Encounters ARMCDH (Wight Nights) – Morocco

In addition to preparing for the new edition of the White Night Festival, many film screenings and discussions were held.

The “Guide to Advancing a Culture of Human Rights and Citizenship through Cinema” has been completed in an effort to spread the tradition of “adopting cinema as a means to promote a culture of human rights” after it was implemented within the framework of the “Cinema as a ground for education on human rights and citizenship” project, with financial support from the European Union and the Embassy of the Netherlands It was prepared by Mustafa Al-Nawi, Abdul-Aali Al-Moalimi, Hamid Al-Kam, Bouchaib Dolkifel and Khaled Al-Hanafi.