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Umam Documentation and Research in Beirut

The Lokman Slim Foundation, in collaboration with Umam Documentation and Research and Dar Al-Jadeed, is hosting a significant event titled “Justice for Lebanon, Justice for Lokman” to mark the third anniversary of Lokman Slim’s assassination, the founder of the center. The event aims to shed light on his assassination through testimonies from activists, lawyers, and […]

Karama – Beirut: Preparations for the Eighth Edition

The Karama Human Rights Film Festival team in Beirut is gearing up for the eighth edition of the festival, with the director actively seeking additional funding from supportive institutions, including the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Lebanon. This edition, in collaboration with the United Nations Information Center in Beirut (UNIC-Beirut) and the Anhar Network, […]

Activities and Projects of the Organization: Youth of the World Together (YWT)

The organization “Youth of the World Together (YWT)” is actively progressing and expanding its array of initiatives. Recently, YWT announced its continued efforts in implementing and enhancing various purpose-driven activities and projects aimed at fostering communication and social progress within its local communities. These initiatives notably encompass educational and training programs focused on the film […]

Thursday Cinema Screenings by the Mediterranean Meetings Association for Cinema and Human Rights

To celebrate International Women’s Rights Day, the Mediterranean Meetings Association for Cinema and Human Rights (ARMCDH) organized a special event called “Cinema and Human Rights Thursday.” The event featured screenings of impactful films that delved into various women’s issues. One of the highlighted films was “Moroccan Harira,” directed by Hicham Al-Assiri. The movie follows Cathy, […]

Propaganda and the truth of The matter

In April, Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, hosted the semi-annual meeting of the Anhar Network in partnership with the Actif Association. Additionally, a joint roundtable discussion took place at the Africa Hotel involving the Tunisian Cultural Association for Integration and Training, the Karama Festival team from Jordan, and the Arab Network for Human Rights Films […]

Film Screening: “Yallah Gaza”

The film “Yallah Gaza” by French director Roland Nurier was screened, exploring the mosaic of the city of Gaza before the recent war, shedding light on its social and geopolitical fabric. The film aims to explain the importance of the existing realities in the city and its relationship with other Palestinian cities, in addition to […]

Mid Cycle Network Meeting for ANHAR

An exceptional meeting of the Anhar Network took place in Tunisia, focusing on the current and future challenges confronting the Arab region, particularly concerning issues, advocacy efforts, and forthcoming plans. Held in Tunisia due to logistical and political considerations, the meeting aimed to sustain momentum and bridge the gap caused by the suspension of certain […]

The Human Screen Festival Officially Joins the International Human Rights Film Network

The Human Screen Festival is pleased to announce its official membership in the Human Rights Film Network, representing Tunisia among 54 human rights film festivals worldwide. The Human Rights Film Network is a leading global platform dedicated to promoting and supporting human rights films, serving as an important platform for exchanging experiences and collaboration among […]

Actif: Tunisian Cultural Association for Integration and Training – Presentations and Activities

The Tunisian Cultural Association for Integration and Training “Actif” recently curated a series of culturally enriching events, launching the “Messages to All Women” campaign in honor of International Women’s Rights Day. This initiative aimed to spotlight women’s issues and amplify their presence in the cinematic realm. Female filmmakers showcased their artistic works on Facebook, addressing […]