Anhar, The Arab Film Network, Holds Second Annual Meeting

Anhar, The Arab Film Network, now in its second phase conducted its second annual meeting in Cairo in early March of 2017.The main objective of the meeting was to lay out an action plan for the year ahead where activities, joint events, capacity building efforts and co-productions were discussed and assigned to member festivals.

Red Carpet, Karama Palestine Human Rights Film Festival , 3rd Edition

The third Edition of Red Carpet HRFF – Karama Palestine

The third edition of Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival will be launched on May 12th at the Gaza Port where screenings will take place for 4 days.
This year’s edition comes under the theme of ‘We Want to Return’ in reference to the right of return which coincides with the passing of 100 years of the Balfour Declaration.

Anhar Bridges, Screening in Djerba, Tunis.

Capacity Building – Outreach Program Screenings

As part of the Anhar Bridges program, outreach program screenings took place on the island of Djerba in Tunisia at La Maison de Culture on April 1st, 2017. The event was lead by 2 of Anhar’s members, Karama Human Rights Film Festival’s artistic director, Mr. Ehab Al-Khatib in collaboration with Mr. Achraf Laamar from ACTIF – Tunisia, Association Culturelle Tunisienne pour l’insertion et la Formation.

Biddayat: launches Syrian Stories a filmmaking workshop for young filmmakers.

Biddayat for Audiovisual Arts launched a training program under the name of ‘Syrian Stories’ in mid April of 2017. The program aimed to train members of the Syrian and Syrian Palestinian youth who hold an interest in documentary filmmaking related to issues in their communities. The workshop took place in Amman for a period of 10 days and trained 10 aspiring filmmakers. The workshop entailed a combination of seminars and advisory sessions that were led by professionals in the field.

Karama Beirut Human Rights Film Festival, 2nd Edition

Ma3mal 961 Think Factory in Lebanon is currently in the planning for the second edition of Karam Beirut Human Rights Film Festival.

The festival is set to take place from 11 to 14 July 2017 at the Metropolis Empire Sofil cinemas in Beirut. The theme of this edition is “New Identities” and the open call for film submissions has been announced. The Karama team is currently viewing and selecting films that are closely related to its theme.

The Mediterranean Association Forum for Cinema and HR Film Screenings in Morocco

The Mediterranean Association Forum for cinema and human rights has continued with its monthly screenings to enhance its outreach on human rights related issues in Morocco’s cultural sceneز Scre. ings took place in January, February and March in 3 cities across Morocco, Rabat, Casablanca and Qoneitra, with a focus on 3 Arab films

Sudan Festival for Independent Film, 4th Edition

The Sudan Film Factory launched the 4th edition of the Sudan Independent Film Festival from January 21-27, 2017. 82 Films were screened from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Spain, and the USA to name a few.

This year, the festival came under the theme of ‘Memory’ to highlight the importance of it as a storage for ideas and identities. The theme was meant to shed light on how memory is an extension of the narrative.

Karama Human Rights Film Festival 7: Are You a Human Being?

After the 7th edition of Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Dec 2016, under the theme of “Are You a Human Being?”. Ma3mal 612 is now preparing for the 8th edition of the festival under the theme “Life”, in partnership with the Royal Cultural Center, and funded by the Delegation of the European Union in Jordan. Karama HRFF 7 was held in Amman on its annual date from 6-10 Dec, 2016. The 5 days of the festival included the screening of 50 films.

Anhar, The Arab Film Network

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