Umam Documentation and Research in Beirut

The Lokman Slim Foundation, in collaboration with Umam Documentation and Research and Dar Al-Jadeed, is hosting a significant event titled “Justice for Lebanon, Justice for Lokman” to mark the third anniversary of Lokman Slim’s assassination, the founder of the center. The event aims to shed light on his assassination through testimonies from activists, lawyers, and parliamentarians. Additionally, it includes the presentation of a journalism award in his honor, with the goal of keeping the investigation into his assassination ongoing, as it is still under legal scrutiny.

Furthermore, as part of its partnership with Umam Documentation and Research in Germany, the foundation organized an event titled “Recycling Life.” This diverse event explores the concept of recycling life through various presentations, exhibitions, and archival activations. Antaji Shop and her team developed the concept, text, and direction, with participation from several supporting entities in production. The event delves into the eternal cycle of life and objects, blending exhibition ambiance, subtle chaos, and musical richness to philosophically explore memories, knowledge, and life experiences beyond material value.