Activities and Projects of the Organization: Youth of the World Together (YWT)

The organization “Youth of the World Together (YWT)” is actively progressing and expanding its array of initiatives.

Recently, YWT announced its continued efforts in implementing and enhancing various purpose-driven activities and projects aimed at fostering communication and social progress within its local communities. These initiatives notably encompass educational and training programs focused on the film industry and digital content production.

One of their successful ventures is the “Derjan” program, offering guidance and developmental grants for the film industry. This program has already benefited 50 participants through dedicated training sessions. Additionally, YWT is dedicated to providing diverse and purposeful content via the “Etreek 24” platform, which has seen significant success in the first quarter of 2024.

Furthermore, the collaboration between YWT and the German agency GIZ has resulted in the creation of the “Happy Arab” platform. This platform aims to promote social change and peaceful coexistence through digital content production.

Looking ahead, YWT is gearing up to launch the eighth edition of the “Derjan” program and the fifth edition of the Karama Yemen Human Rights Film Festival. Despite facing challenges, the organization remains steadfast in its commitment to achieving its objectives.

These endeavors underscore YWT’s dedication to fostering social communication and supporting youth in realizing their dreams for a better future.