As You Can See

As You Can See poster
Full Name in English As You Can See
Full Name in Arabic زي ما انتي شايفة
Running Time 7 min
Type of film Documentary
Country of Production Egypt
Date of Production 2019

Can the lines in a hand hold stories? What memories do the grooves store? Ghada invites her mother to reflect on her life while taking us on a poetic exploration into her mother’s hands: the hands that raised five children almost single handedly. Why, Ghada asks, should someone have to give up their hands for those they love?

Director Name Ghada Fikri
About the director

Filmmaker, editor, colorist, and project manager who worked on various TV commercials, programs, web series and documentaries. She has taught Montage and Moving Image and supervised film and media projects at the German University in Cairo. Her work has been screened in more than 15 international film festivals and art events. Ghada is currently pursuing her postgraduate degree in the Erasmus Mundus Documentary Film Directing Master of Arts Program.