Fatwa - poster

Full Name in English FATWA
Full Name in Arabic فتوى
Running Time 102 min
Type of film Fiction
Country of Production Tunisia
Date of Production 2018

Brahim Nadhour, a Tunisian living in France, returns to Tunis for a son who died in a motorcycle accident. He discovers that the young Marwan was working in a radical Islamist group. Brahim decides to conduct his investigation to understand the reasons for his radicalization and identifies people who have not been indoctrinated.

Director Name Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud
About the director

Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud is a Tunisian director who received his Bachelor’s degree in journalism, art history and film direction from the Free University of Bruxelles (Université libre de Bruxelles), Belgium. He is currently a Professor of screenwriting at the Department of Cinema of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy at the same university. Ben Mahmoud began his career with the feature film Crossings in 1982. His film One Thousand and One Voices (2001) was screened at the Venice International Film Festival.
Fatwa (2018) received the Golden Tanit Prize at the Carthage Film Festival.