Karama 6 Contemplation

To those who long to connect with their inner spirit…

And yet, they live in fear; trapped with no way out; their faith is manipulated to justify acts of terror. They have lost their families and homes: they are kidnapped, traumatized, injured, physically and mentally abused, displaced, tortured, exiled and deported. Their lives are affected by the agendas of others, and not allowed to make their own choices. Those who have been discriminated against for their religion, race, gender, opinions, and style of life; it’s them who need support and protection.

To you, our fellow humans…

We, at Karama, invite you to join us in our objection to violence and extremism in all its forms. We denounce terrorism and all its shadows. We oppose the exploitation of the human being for the sake of evil and destruction. We condemn the rise of violence, which only begets more violence.

We believe that one day, it shall stop, and terror will vanish, and the face of the globe will wear humanity as a garment.

By uniting and collectively upholding the responsibility towards the wellbeing of all human beings; paying serious attention and making vigorous efforts towards abating the spread of extremism; curtailing hateful discourse that rips our humanity, only to breed havoc and injustice. By demonstrating compassion, tolerance, and appreciation towards our fellow humans. By respecting differences. By thinking of an inclusive frame in which we can all, as humans, rally for life.


Let us celebrate culture, our cultures, and recelebrate our heritage, spirituality, values, and rediscover the essence of who we are, and where we are heading.


Then, and only then, “we shall cultivate our own garden” and we shall return to our spirit.