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لقاء صحفي قبل اطلاق مهرجان كرامة الثامن

انطلاق فعاليات مهرجان كرامة الثامن في 5 كانون الاول تحت عنوان اعط الحياة فرصة تنطلق فعاليات مهرجان كرامة لأفلام حقوق الانسان في دورته الثامنة اعتبارا من 5 وحتى 10 من كانون الأول 2017 تحت عنوان “اعط الحياة فرصة” والذي يقام بالشراكة مع المركز الثقافي الملكي. ومن خلال عرض 77 فيلما مميزاً من الأفلام الروائية والوثائقية […]

Co-Production Film on Rapist Decriminalization Law Between Tunis and Jordan

Ma3mal 612 from Jordan and ACTIF from Tunis are currently collaborating on the production of a documentary film directed by Ehab al Khatib and produced By ANHAR, regarding the “308 Penal Code” which instills that “A rapist is authorized to marry the survivor of the crime as a means of bypassing prosecution and punishment”. This […]

Youth Forum in KARAMA 8th Edition

This #youth_forum is currently under the works for the youth who have social initatives and as with #Karama HRFF, it will be held with the festival & will help our youth find and create #opportunities by building #lifestyle_skills, #career_opportunities, and #INSPIRE them to #GiveLifeAChance. 

Press Release: Anhar Award to be launched at Nuremberg IHRFF:

The Anhar award will be launched for the first time at Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival since it is one of the most renowned human rights film festivals in the world and is a strategic partner and affiliate of Anhar’s festivals namely Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Jordan since 2010. The award aims […]


Karama Beirut Human Rights Film Festival (KBHRFF) is a film event that contributes, among other well-established and renowned human rights film festivals in the world, to spreading a cinema that denounces racism, hatred discourse, discrimination, and injustice. The 1st edition of KBHRFF of which the theme was “The others” took place on July 2016 in Metropolis Empire Sofil, in an attempt to […]

Sudan Independent Film Festival Theme

We chose “Memory” to be the theme of the fourth edition which kicks off on the 21st of January. Memory in all its definitions is the storage space for ideas and identities..as such, we are trying to shed light on memory as a key player in the continuous pursuit of civil society and dignity for […]

Are You a Human Being? Karama 7th Edition Reflections

In ancient times, humans believed that the rage of nature, the wrath of the gods, and imbalances of energy were the source of fear in the world.  Albeit, the specificities of every century differ from one another as change reasserts itself with the fall of one civilization and the rise of the following one.  Yet, […]

Karama 6 Contemplation

To those who long to connect with their inner spirit… And yet, they live in fear; trapped with no way out; their faith is manipulated to justify acts of terror. They have lost their families and homes: they are kidnapped, traumatized, injured, physically and mentally abused, displaced, tortured, exiled and deported. Their lives are affected […]