Press Release: Anhar Award to be launched at Nuremberg IHRFF:

The Anhar award will be launched for the first time at Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival since it is one of the most renowned human rights film festivals in the world and is a strategic partner and affiliate of Anhar’s festivals namely Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Jordan since 2010.

The award aims to support, develop and promote the best film tackling key human rights issues in the Arab region by identifying and rewarding excellence in the creation of a film that is produced or directed by an Arab or international filmmaker.

Nominees include “Clash” from Egypt (Director: Mohammad Diab), “Investigating Paradise” from Algeria (Director: Merzak Allouache),” War Show” from the USA /Syria (Directors: Andreas Deselgaard and Obayda Zaytoon), and “Head Bang Lullaby” from Morocco (Director Hisham L’asri).

The award will come in the form of a specially designed trophy by Syrian sculptor Omar Al Haj Mustafa, and a symbolic amount of 500 euro to be given to the winner as an Anhar contribution to be utilized to distribute, package and network the winning film. The Anhar award will be presented in a special award ceremony on the 3rd of October 2017 at the Nuremberg IHRFF, the award will be presented by the festival director, Andrea Khun alongside Anhar ambassador Omar Tarawneh , the film coordinator at Karama HRFF in Jordan.

It is important to mention that the Anhar cluster of festivals spans across the MENA region from 9 countries including Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Morocco, Tunis, Mauritania, Egypt and Sudan.