Sudan independent film festival

The sixth edition of Sudan Independent Film Festival (SSIF) took place between January 21 and 27, 2020. This edition celebrates a new Sudan and a new dawn of Sudanese cinema, in concert with the merits of the extended struggles and strife, painting the face of the revolution that is our people- in that glorious December.

This edition of Sudan Independent Film Festival is dedicated in gratitude to all the souls that have turned into stars, leading the way for Sudanese women and men on the path to a honorable and emancipated life and to all the Sudanese artists. Those who faced difficulties while practicing their art and documenting life in the most difficult and darkest moment of the nation’s contemporary history. This edition was for freedom fighters from around the world.

The message behind SIFF 2020 was to celebrate the new footprint of the Sudanese cinema movement. A movement that took off because of every single person who contributed with a detail or an idea in any form of the arts.