Karama Yemen

Karama Yemen

Karama Festival, Yemen

The 3rd edition of Karama Yemen will be held from 9th till 22d of March 2022. During these 14 days of the festival, online screenings will be online in three cities: Aden, Hadhramaut, and Taiz. The theme is “Reclaiming Narratives” and 20 films were selected from 14 countries including 6 Yemen Films that carry a common theme, as we live in times of uncertainty and hardships the journey of “Reclaiming Narratives” is a state of mind that many aims to embark on and take charge of claiming back their rights.

Six seminar discussions will be organized online and in person in addition to three master classes tackling the following topics:

  • Film Festival Distribution for First-time filmmakers by Giona Nazzaro “Artistic Director of the Locarno Film Festival”
  • First-Time Film Producers by May Odeh “Director and Producer”.
  • The art and techniques of film cutting by Yorgos Lamprinos “French-American film editor. Nominated for an Academy Award”.

The festival will award four prizes for best film of categories: Documentary film, Short film, Yemeni film, and Audience award Karama-Yemen.

Karama Yemen

Despite the harsh conditions that Yemen is experiencing, Karama Yemen Festival team is preparing their festival through a series of training workshops to make a short human rights film as an entrance to the third edition of Karama Yemen Festival on December 10 of the current year, especially after the success of the second edition of Karama Yemen Festival in December 2020.

It is worth mentioning that “Yemen Film Factory” had held a comprehensive workshop for documentaries through electronic media between 11/12/2020 and 2/2/2021, which aimed to adopt and motivate talented young filmmakers from all regions of Yemen, where 12 filmmakers were trained. The workshop provided the trainees with technical skills and resources to make 12 short documentaries on the topic of cultural heritage and diversity in order to show the aesthetic aspects of Yemen.

Karama Yemen Human Rights Film Festival

2020 Karama Yemen Film Festival – Whats New?

Learn more about the Karama Yemen Human Rights Film Festival, its launch date, and how to retrieve your tickets to watch the films.

Karama Yemen Human Rights Film Festival (KYHRFF) – 1st edition in preparation

The first edition of the Karama Yemen Human Rights Film Festival will be held in Yemen in mid-September. Karama Yemen will become a new subsidary, followed by the festivals of the Karama Jordan, Palestine: Ramallah, Gaza- Red Carpet, Beirut and Mauritania.

Karama Yemen was created following a memorandum of understanding between Al-Ma’mal 612 Think Factory and “Yemen Will Triumph”, a non-profit organization directed towards a social, economic and educational construction, and is supporting the principle of coexistence and patriotism. The organization has been striving through the previous periods to work on many projects that aim on pushing forward the wheel of development and construction.

The festival will feature about 25 films including 20 films from the archive of the Karama Jordan HRFF, as well as several Yemeni films directed by young Yemeni filmmakers.The festival is planned to take place between September 15-18, 2018.

Karama Yemen Human Rights Film Festival (KYHRFF) has recently joined ANHAR, the Arab Network for Human Rights Film Festivals by July 2018.

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