Palestine 87

Palestine 87 Poster 4 2
Full Name in English Palestine 87
Full Name in Arabic فلسطين 87
Country of Production Palestine
Date of Production 2022

During the First Intifada, Atef is chased by the Israeli army, finds himself trapped in an alleyway. An old lady hides him in the bath, he surprised that there is another person inside, who helps him not to be arrested.

Director Name Bilal Alkhatib
About the director

Bilal Alkhatib is a filmmaker and cinematographer from Palestine, holding a BA in Media and TV. He started working in film industry as cameraman and studio technician, before he realised his passion for filmmaking. His previous works are two short films “Billiards” 2016 and “Another point of vie” 2018. Palestine 87 is his third short film.