A Second Life – Gadeha


Full Name in English A Second Life - Gadeha
Full Name in Arabic ﭬﺪﺣﺔ
Running Time 93 min
Country of Production Tunisia
Date of Production 2022

Gadeha (12) happens one day to be the victim of a car accident. He undergoes surgery. Penniless, his mother, Borkana, is helped by Malika and Moez, a benevolent couple that offers to pay for the hospital fees and provides the destitute family with a roof. Gadeha meets Oussama, Malika and Moez’s child (11). A strong friendship is made between the two boys. But Gadeha finds out haphazardly the secret of his family new standard of living. He is devastated.

Director Name Anis Lassoued
About the director

Anis LASSOUED obtained his director’s diploma from the IMC – Institut Maghrébin de Cinéma – Tunis and the University of Tor Vergata – Rome. He did also training courses in the Femis-Paris and GSARA-Lièges and INSAV – Brussels.

He shot several documentary films for TV channels (NHK, TV5, Aljazeera children…).
In 2006, he made his first short fiction Saba Flouss (Magic crop) (International Short Film Festival Oberhausen; Cinémas du Monde-Cannes; Muhr Award in DIFF-UAE 2006; Gold Cairo in Cairo International Film Festival for Children 2007).

In 2012, he shot a fiction Sabbat El Aïd (My Shoes) (Poulain d’Or & Best African film-FESPACO 2013 – TIFF Kids International Film Festival-Canada – Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival – Lucas International Children’s Film Festival- Germany.

Recently, he directed two documentaries Je suis ma république جمهورية نفسي(2021) and Notre semence زريعتنا(2022). His first feature ﭬﺪﺣﺔA second life (2022) is in distribution in 2022. It has been selected in many international film festivals and has won many important prizes.