Announcing the 5th ANHAR Award

Announcing the 5th ANHAR Award “The Arab Network for Human Rights Films” for best human rights film.
The Stranger Directed By: Ameer Fakher Eldin


Watch the director’s statement: Ameer Fakher Eldin for his winning film

Karama HRFF Jordan preparing for the 12th edition

In Jordan, The 12th edition of Karama Human Rights Film Festival 2021, started by launching the call for film submissions in the beginning of June 2021. The last date for film submissions is to be 15th of September 2021.

Festival’s preparation are going on steadily from starting to ask for the selected films by the selection committee to reserving the spaces at the Royal Cultural Center and Amman Municipality Hangar, together with agreements of partnership with the Ministry of culture and Amman Greater Municipality. The theme of this year’s edition will be “Human Rights in a Virtual World” in an attempt to open a discussion regarding the drastic changes imposed on the concepts of both; individual and society’s freedom, due to the changes and effects caused by the epidemic of COVID 19. Also, to examine the impact of this new world has had on our interpretation of human rights.

The Karama HRFF 12th edition team is planning for the festival to be  mounted physically in theatres almost as it used to be prior to the epidemic from 5 to 10 of December 2021, as well as holding screenings on the online platform dedicated to ANHAR Network and Karama Platform from 5 to 20 of December 2021. The Festival will host 60 Films from various countries and a set of parallel activities and seminars as well as concerts and art exhibitions and open air screenings on the walls of the old city of Amman. Karama HRFF hopes to hold ANHAR annual meeting in a physical encounter during the festival days.

This year’s film submission is not for free as it used to be, but it is free for the Jordanian films.

Gaza film

The Irish film “Gaza” will be shown in a joint event

“On days we eat nothing but salt”,,,,,,,,

Andrew McConnell and Gary Kane went on a trip to Gaza to show the other side of daily life of suffering and determination of the people of Gaza to build their lives away from what we see daily on television and news bulletins.

The Irish film “Gaza” will be screened, to shed light on the daily suffering of the people of Gaza, in cooperation between the “Red Carpet” Human Rights Film Festival – Karama Palestine and the “Cine – Club of the French institute in Gaza with Karama Human Rights Film Festival – Jordan.

The film will be screened at the French institute in Gaza City on: Wednesday, 4-8-2021 at 5:00 pm. On the same day, also, at the same time it will be screened at the creative HUB of Al-Ma3mal 612, in Amman – Jabal Al-Lweibdeh. The screening will be followed by a joint discussion between audiences in Gaza and Amman via direct zoom.

And for our audience in the Arab region, “Gaza” film will be screened on ANHAR dedicated online platform for 2 days, starting at 10:00 am on Friday 6/8/2021 until 10:00 am Sunday 8/8/2021.

Make sure join us and to book your seat here:

This screening is in solidarity with our people in Palestine, and part of the joint events program of “ANHAR” – the Arab Network for Human Rights Films and organized by Ma3mal 612 and Karama HRFF – Jordan Festival and “The Identity and the City” project.

Karama Jordan

After the success of the 11th edition of the Karama Jordan Festival under the title “Memory of Being”, Ma3mal 612 for Creative Thinking is preparing for the 12th edition under the title “Human Rights, is it a fantasy?” The activities of this edition will be held in theatres as well as on the Karama online platform and include 60 documentaries, fiction, short and animation films, from December 5-20, 2021.

An important activity was launched in response to the Corona pandemic at the Karama Festival 2020 and will continue in the coming years with more releases – the Neighborhood Cinema – and it is a response to the instructions to stay at home as a result of the pandemic in Jordan by bringing cinema shows to public places after the closure of cinema theatres, through screening the films on the walls of buildings in Amman.

Karama Jordan is establishing a new partnership with US-based “Nation Productions” to create a sister festival called Karama

ANHAR and Karama Jordan signed a memorandum of understanding with the “Tyro Association for Arts” in the city of Sour in southern Lebanon to exchange films and help them in their awareness programs to defend human rights. ANHAR also supported the exchange of short films held by the “Tyro International Short Film Festival” – from 10 to 12 April 2021 at the Lebanese National Theatre.

كرامة الأردن

بعد نجاح الدورة 11 من مهرجان كرامة الأردن تحت عنوان “ذاكرة الإنسان”، يقوم معمل 612 للأفكار بالتحضير للدورة 12 تحت عنوان “حقوق الإنسان هل هي ضرب من الخيال؟” وسوف تتم إقامة فعاليات هذه الدورة على منصة كرامة الإلكترونية وتتضمن 60 فيلما وثائقيا وروائي وقصير و تحريكي وذلك من 5 – 15 ديسمبر 2021

وقد تم إطلاق نشاط هام استجابة لجائحة كورونا في مهرجان كرامة 2020 وسيستمر في السنوات القادمة مع مزيد من الإصدارات – سينما الحي – وهي بمثابة تجاوب لتعليمات البقاء في المنزل نتيجة للجائحة في الأردن من خلال جلب عروض السينما إلى الأماكن العامة بعد إغلاق دور السينما، وذلك من خلال عرض الأفلام على جدران المباني في عمان.

تقوم كرامة الأردن بتأسيس شراكة جديدة مع شركة Nation Productions التي تتخذ من الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية مقراً لها لإنشاء مهرجان شقيق باسم: كرامة

كما وتستعد أنهار وكرامة الأردن لتوقيع مذكرة تفاهم مع جمعية Tyro للفنون في مدينة صور في جنوب لبنان لتبادل الأفلام ومساعدتهم في برامجهم التوعوية للدفاع عن حقوق الإنسان. كما دعمت آنهار تبادل الأفلام القصيرة التي أقامها مهرجان صور الدولي للفيلم القصير – من 10 إلى 12 أبريل 2021 على المسرح الوطني اللبناني.

The annual meeting of the Arab network for human rights film festivals 2020

ANHAR, the Arab Network for Human Rights Films and Festivals is a regional project with members from eleven Arab countries. Six years into its creation, ANHAR continues to be an evolving network that aims at connecting activists, filmmakers, festival directors and spaces for screening human rights films. With the aim of building bridges and encouraging the exchange of expertise through events, co-productions and advocacy campaigns.

The network supports its member’s film festivals with unique film packages ready to screen, and diverse capacity building programs for its teams. Namely, the members are Human Screen Festival- Tunis, Bidayyat for Audio Visual Arts-Syria, Sudan Independent Film Festival-Sudan, The White Nights Film Festival-Morocco, Karama Human Rights Film Festival-Jordan, SEMAT Production Egypt, Karama Mauretania international Human Rights Film Festival, Karama Beirut Human Rights Film Festival and Red Carpet Festival Karama Gaza- Palestine. Furthermore, UMAM for Documentation and Research Lebanon and Erato Libya and Yemen will Triumph, Karama Yemen are guest members of the ANHAR Network.

This year Ma3mal 612 and Karama HRFF will host the 6th annual meeting of ANHAR, the special screening event, as well as the ANHAR Award dedicated to the best human rights film for the year from among films nominated by the network members.

Infographic film | International Children’s Day – ANHAR Network

On the International Children’s Day, how does reality look like?

Right to life, education, freedom of speech, rest & leisure?
Values of tolerance, elimination of all forms of discrimination?
protection from domestic violence?
Recruitment of children in armed conflicts?

An infographic film produced by Karama human rights Film Festival and ANHAR, Arab Network for Film Festivals on the occasion of the international day for children.

For more information on ANHAR co-productions, click on the following link
And to get updates on Karama 2018, please visit our website

Karama Yemen Human Rights Film Festival (KYHRFF) – 1st edition in preparation

The first edition of the Karama Yemen Human Rights Film Festival will be held in Yemen in mid-September. Karama Yemen will become a new subsidary, followed by the festivals of the Karama Jordan, Palestine: Ramallah, Gaza- Red Carpet, Beirut and Mauritania.

Karama Yemen was created following a memorandum of understanding between Al-Ma’mal 612 Think Factory and “Yemen Will Triumph”, a non-profit organization directed towards a social, economic and educational construction, and is supporting the principle of coexistence and patriotism. The organization has been striving through the previous periods to work on many projects that aim on pushing forward the wheel of development and construction.

The festival will feature about 25 films including 20 films from the archive of the Karama Jordan HRFF, as well as several Yemeni films directed by young Yemeni filmmakers.The festival is planned to take place between September 15-18, 2018.

Karama Yemen Human Rights Film Festival (KYHRFF) has recently joined ANHAR, the Arab Network for Human Rights Film Festivals by July 2018.