Fragrance of Laurel

Full Name in English Fragrance of Laurel
Full Name in Arabic رائحة الغار
Running Time 20 min
Country of Production Syrian Arab Republic
Date of Production 2023

After they were forced to escape persecution in their country, a Syrian couple living in a small city in France start to have problems over their different life projects.

Director Name MALAS TWINS
About the director

2006 : Graduated from Ornina Institute of art/ Damascus, managed by Naila Al-Atrash, Amal Omran, Yasser Abdel-Latif and RaafatAlzagot
2004 : Graduated from Al-Mohtaraf Institute of arts/ Damascus managed by Bassem Kahar
Participated in several theatre workshops supervised by Tal’at Alsamawi
Participated in several scenario workshops supervised by Mowafak Masood

Diverse activities:
From 1999 until 2009 we participated in several theatrical shows for children
2009 : Created the idea of ” Room Theatre”, in French “Theater de chambre”. We had shows in our own room, which is named by Guinness World Records as the smallest theater in the world.
Our professional experience is therefore in the long term with the creation in Syria, France, Egypt and elsewhere, movies, festivals, etc.