The Alchemist

Full Name in English The Alchemist
Full Name in Arabic الخيميائي
Running Time 4
Country of Production Jordan
Date of Production 2016
Poster of The Film

A late alchemist exposes his estranged son to the truth surrounding his tumultuous life through the dark magic used to power a gold making machine.

خيميائي سابق يقوم بكشف الحقيقة لابنه المقصي محيطا حياة هذا الاخير الصاخبة من خلال السحر الداكن لتفعيل الة لصناعة الذهب

Photo of director
Director Name Hussam Ismail
About the director

multi-award winning director, producer and screenwriter, Hussam Ismail is known for his work on the short film ‘Fools Paradise’ which won a number of international awards and is known for focusing on the small seemingly unimportant aspects of life that tend to have a significant impact.

Name of Producer Hussam Ismail
Sound Stereo
Editing Animators - Prasad Narse, Kevin Phelps, Carlos Stevens, Brice Proust
Subtitles Arabic
Color Colored
Music Dave Curtin & Mikael Sandgren
Type of Sound Dave Curtin & Mikael Sandgren
Audio Language English
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Available screening formats, in case the film was accepted DigiBeta High quality download link
Screened in Middle East Yes
When? 2016,2017,2017
Director`s Email
Name of Submitter Hussam Ismail
Email of Submitter