Sudan Independent Film Festival Theme

We chose “Memory” to be the theme of the fourth edition which kicks off on the 21st of January.

Memory in all its definitions is the storage space for ideas and such, we are trying to shed light on memory as a key player in the continuous pursuit of civil society and dignity for people and places.

This year’s films were chosen with “memory” as the focus, it is the engine that drives drama in life simply by of recovering and dismissing it. We also aim to look at it as a destination, perhaps old houses, streets, institutions and all that resembles the roots of life, geographically.

From the festival’s perspective, “Memory” is the idea that relates to maintaining identity, resisting forgetfulness and human struggle throughout history, for human dignity and standing up for the powerless groups among humans.

There is a possibility that the theme may also be “An Alternative Memory” and a tale of the forgotten, or what is dissenting to the official history. It is stories passed on by our grandparents and ancestors, which are either stored clearly or vaguely, in our minds, in what we see and hear about ourselves and the world.

“Memory” with its revealing strengths, issues, and historical essence, is the general scope of this year’s edition of the festival.