ARMCDH holds the ‘Je Dis Cinéma et Droits de l’Homme’ monthly screenings.

The JCDH, which translates to “I say cinema and human rights” is a monthly event whose objectives are: the awareness of human rights and democracy and the contribution to the increase and the reinforcement of the capacity of resistance to assaults on human rights and democracy. This event also aims to bring out the wishes of new human rights defenders.

For the ARMCDH, the JCDH are an important contribution in the promotion of the culture of human rights and democracy: the universality of these values, of rights and of democracy, can only be understood and conveyed by a as universal as cinema is.

Launched in September 2011, the JCDH take place every month in six cities of the kingdom of Morocco, with seven screenings – documentary film or fiction – and inviting the director to debate or involving a human rights activist on it.