A Joint Solidarity Screening of Nayla and the uprising between Gaza, Tunis and Amman

In coordination with the Red Carpet Festival in Gaza, the Erato Festival in Libya, the ACTIF Foundation in Tunisia, Ma3mal 612 Think Factory & the Karama Festival in Jordan, and the ANHAR, a solidarity screening of Nayla and the Uprising by Julia Pasha was organized in the member countries. The documentary tells the story of the suffering of women during captivity and detention in Israeli jails, as well as the testimony of real characters who lived under the conditions of the occupation and resisted it with patience and determination. The film was screened on 29 November in Gaza, Tripoli (Libya) and Tunisia and was screened in December in Amman with the presence of the main character in the film Nayla Ayyash. The film was discussed with the audience present in Amman with Nayla Ayyash, Jamal Zaqout and film producer Rola Salama.