Sudan Independent Film Festival postponed due to current events

The Sudan Independent Film Festival announced the postponement of its sixth edition, which was due to take place between January 21 and 27, due to the political events taking place in the cities of Sudan. Organizers intend to hold the festival immediately once the situation changes in the capital Khartoum. The festival’s statement was as follows: “Dear friends, the audience of the Sudan Independent Film Festival. We have decided to hold the sixth edition of the Festival, to fulfil our annual commitment and loyalty to the values ​​represented by cinema. The values ​​of resistance, enlightenment, criticism, expression and beauty. In the framework of our interest in the integration of all roles in society.

With the rapid escalation of events and the continuation of the mass movement, we, the festival team cannot but respect this voice, listen to it, and give it the way, announcing the postponement of the sixth edition, which was scheduled to launch on its annual date on January 21, 2019”