ANHAR Award – Nominations and winner

During this year’s annual meeting the network members decided on the winner of the ANHAR award: The winner was the Tunisian nomination “The Haunted Past”, a feature documentary by Tunisian director Fatma Ryahi. The film tells the story of Tawfiq, A Tunisian soldier who fought in the Bosnian war against Serbian forces. He ends up imprisoned for six years after returning to Tunisia, only to discover that his Bosnian wife has abandoned their family, leaving him to care for their three daughters. He struggles daily between his responsibility as the primary caretaker and his need to seek revenge. ANHAR award is a symbolic financial reward for further packaging and marketing a HR film.



The nominated films were:

A Haunted Past: Fatma Ryahi | Tunisia | Documentary | 2018 | 90 min (the director was guest)

Still Recording? : Saeed Al Batal, Ghiath Ayoub| Syria, Lebanon, France, Germany, Qatar | Documentary | 2018| 120 min (was a guest)

Just Another Memory: Mariam Al-Dhubhani| Qatar, Russian Federation,Yemen | Documentary | 2018 | 14 min

When We’re Born: Tamer Ezzat | Egypt | Fiction| 2019 | 92 min

Urgent: Mohcine Besri | Morocco, Switzerland | Fiction | 2018 | 86 min (the director was a guest)

Istrupya: Ahmad Hassouna | Palestine | Fiction | 2019 | 89 min

Western Arabs: Omar Shargawi | Denmark , Netherlands | Documentary | 2019 | 77 min (the director was a guest)

Souda: Amal Sadbouh | Mauritania | Fiction| 2019 | 10 min

Khartoum Offside : Marwa Zein | Sudan | Documentary | 2019 | 75 min