The fifth Annual ANHAR meeting took place on the 7th and 8th of December 2019 in Amman, during Karama HRFF

The fifth Annual ANHAR meeting took place on the 7th and 8th of December 2019 in Amman, during Karama Human Rights Film Festival.

During this year’s annual meeting the network members decided on the winner of the ANHAR award from the list of the 9 nominated films (more details in following headline). The ANHAR network was also a fundamental part of Karama HRFF’s “Must Meet Meeting”. The meeting aimed to create active networks and bridges for current and future projects – between local and international industry professionals.


The goal of the ‘The Must-Meet Meeting’ is to connect the local scene on an internal level, by attempting to push local film practitioners to think of future creations in a more collective and holistic manner so as to have a more comprehensive pool of thinkers and creators working on a common goal of advocating for Human Rights.


In terms of future events the ANHAR network has consolidated its film package; A cohesive and diverse collection of films that will be curated and clustered together in a package, consequently, these films will tour in the different festivals that are a part of the ANHAR network and will be screened. The list can be found on the ANHAR website.


Furthermore, the network planned the upcoming HR film festivals of members such as Karama Tunisia, Sudan Independent Film Festival and Karama Yemen. Along with several outreach ANHAR screenings in the Golan heights and Ramallah City with Ashtar theatre. In addition to a Master Class in Rabat, Morocco with L’Association des Rencontres Méditérranéennes du Cinéma et des droits de l’Homme (ARMCDH); white night festival.


The attendees were; Ayman Al-Badrwi (Network Director), Ehab al Khatib and Sawsan Darwaza (Karama HRFF Jordan), Achraf Laamar, Rym Bin Mansour and Naceur sardi (ACTIF association– Karama Tunisia), Elaf Alkanzy ( Sudan Independant Film Festival), Haytham Chamass and Najwa Kondakji (Karama Beirut), Hala Galal (Semat Productions, Egypt) Mohammad Ali Attasi (Bidayat for Audio Visual Arts, Syria), Fadoua Maroub (White Night, Morocco) and special guest Salim Abu Jabal (Golan Heights).