The 7th ANHAR Award was presented at closing ceremony of the 13th edition of Karama HRFF in Jordan. The film is awarded for the best human rights film that promotes cinematic culture, with an aim of enhancing the concepts of human rights in the Arab region.

The nominees were selected by ANHAR’s members who have screened these films in their festivals and programs.  The winning film was voted on online by all members of the Arab Network ANHAR.

Six films were nominated for the award:

– “From Cairo”, directed by Hala Galal, nominated by ANHAR Jordan, Karama Human Rights Film Festival.

– “Beirut: Eye of the Storm” directed by Mai Al-Masri – nominated by ANHAR Lebanon, Karama-Beirut HRFF.

– “Gold Fishes” by Abdslam Kelai – Nominated by ANHAR Morocco – White Night Festival.

– “Little Palestine, Diary of a Siege” directed by Abdullah Al-Khatib,  Nomination by ANHAR Syria, Bidayyat Foundation.

– “A Second Life” directed by Anis Lasoud , nominated by ANHAR Tunis, Human Screen Film Festival.

– “Guardian of the Worlds” directed by Leila Chaibi, nominated by Action 216, Tunisia.

The award was given to the feature film “Gold Fishes” by Moroccan director Abdslam Kelai, who raises through his film a set of topics that intersect organically with the problems of Moroccan society in terms of human rights, such as labor laws, and the rights of Moroccan women.

The 90 minute film’s synopsis is as follows: Hayat is released after serving a long prison sentence. She returns to her hometown in northern Morocco, where she finds herself faced with a brother who refuses to welcome her for fear of shame. Hayat merely wishes to see her son so she can explain the truth to him. She meets Amal, who works in a fruit factory and takes care of Houda, her sister who is two years her junior and suffers from a severe disability. The courage and strength of these three women drives them forward in the face of exclusion, exploitation, and marginalization.