ANHAR New Guest Member, Mauritania

ANHAR Network hosted a new member from Mauritania, Mohamed Idoumou Aba from the administrative team of the Festival International O’meme- Cinema and Human Rights, he also works a general supervisor of the National Radio’s cultural and artistic troupes. Mohamed demonstrated the Mauritanian cultural scene in terms of the establishment of associations interested in cinema, and the emergence new of young Mauritanian directors.

So, the second edition of Festival International O’meme comes within this context. The capital Nouakchott is still devoid of any cinemas as all cinemas were destroyed three years ago. The paradox is that there are Mauritanian directors living abroad who brought Mauritanian cinema to the world.

The festival organized various activities and workshops with ten young people to support them film and produce their first film, and then how to package and screen them at festivals at a later stage. The main source of funding was initially provided by the National Human Rights Committee, following the fund’s completion, the fundraising strategy turned to embassy support. Despite the reality of the general situation in the country, the attendance of Festival O’meme remains striking, as the number of attendees reached 4,000 people over four days.