Propaganda and the truth of The matter

In April, Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, hosted the semi-annual…

Mid Cycle Network Meeting for ANHAR

An exceptional meeting of the Anhar Network took place in Tunisia,…

The ninth meeting of the ANHAR Network

The ninth meeting of the Arab Network for Human Rights Films…

Joint event: Screening of the film "Ambulance" directed by Mohamed Jabaly

Screening of the film "Ambulance" directed by Mohamed Jabaly,…

Joint Event: Screening of the film: Borderline

Karama Beirut in cooperation with Karama Jordan and ANHAR network,…

‎World Press Freedom Day Film Screenings‎

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, Ma3mal612 Think Factory,…

Interviews for ANHAR members in Karama Human Rights Film Festival 13th

interview with the Karama HRFF director - Sawsan Darwaza the…

ANHAR New Guest Member, Mauritania

ANHAR Network hosted a new member from Mauritania, Mohamed Idoumou…

"From Cairo" Screenings: A film supported by the ANHAR Network

The film "From Cairo" directed by Hala Galal, which was supported…

ANHAR's Eighth Annual Meeting

ANHAR (The Arab Network for Human Rights Films) held its eighth…



60 minutes | Qatar, Tunisia | 2023

Anxious in Beirut

93 minutes | Lebanon, Qatar, Spain, Jordan | 2023

Notes on Displacement

74 minutes | Germany, Qatar, Palestine | 2022

The Spider-Man of Sudan

23 minutes | Sudan | 2022

Sarura: The Future is an Unknown Place

80 minutes | Italy, Palestine | 2023

My lost country

94 minutes | Iraq, Egypt, Chile | 2022

A Second Life - Gadeha

93 min | Tunisia | 2022

From Cairo

64 min | Egypt | 2021

Guardian of the Worlds

90 min | Qatar, France, Tunisia | 2022


90 min | Morocco | 2022

The Stranger

The Stranger - الغريب 112 minutes | Palestine, Qatar, Syrian Arab Republic, Germany | 2021

200 Meters

Occupied Palestinian Territory, Jordan, Qatar, Italy, Sweden|…