“From Cairo” Screenings: A film supported by the ANHAR Network

The film “From Cairo” directed by Hala Galal, which was supported by the ANHAR Network, received a special mention from the jury for the Karama Feather Award at the 13th edition of the Karama HRFF Jordan. The film has previously won three prominent awards, the award for best non-fiction film when it was screened in the Horizons of Arab Cinema competition, which was held within the activities of the 43rd edition of the Cairo International Film Festival. It also won the Jury Prize at the 12th Malmö Arab Film Festival, and the Best Documentary Award at the Arab Jerusalem Festival.

The film still continues its screening journey. It was screened in Tunisia and Morocco as a joint event with the ANHAR, in addition to other screenings at the American University in Egypt, and other various Egyptian universities. It was also screened at Dartmouth University in the United States. All these screenings were followed by discussions with the students in the presence of the director. The film was requested by the management of the Netflix platform, to be aired within the days dedicated to women’s production, and it received high viewership, as stated in Netflix report.

The film advocates for women’s rights by presenting their stories and the difficulties they face in their relationship and dealings with the city of Cairo. It is a film about the mutual relationship between the self and the city. The women represented ambition after a great struggle with family and society, reaching success and choosing a new life form that suits their dreams, regardless of the obstacles and consequences.