Mid Cycle Network Meeting for ANHAR

An exceptional meeting of the Anhar Network took place in Tunisia, focusing on the current and future challenges confronting the Arab region, particularly concerning issues, advocacy efforts, and forthcoming plans. Held in Tunisia due to logistical and political considerations, the meeting aimed to sustain momentum and bridge the gap caused by the suspension of certain festivals, including the Karama Palestine Festival.

Discussions at the meeting centered on strategies to strengthen Tunisian involvement within the network, leveraging its proximity to Mauritanian partners. The gathering provided an opportunity for network members to convene in the Tunisian capital, fostering increased interaction and collaboration among them. Special emphasis was placed on enhancing media presence and awareness in Tunisia to attract journalists, activists, and allied institutions, such as the Arab Institute for Human Rights and the Tunisian Center for Combating Torture.

Additionally, plans and structures pertaining to the partner organization Action 216 were deliberated upon, alongside discussions on collaboration with the newest Mauritanian member of the network, Omem- the International Festival of Human Rights Film, known as “Karama Mauritanian.”