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ANHAR Network denounces

Press Release 12, Oct, 2023

ANHAR Network denounces the position of some international official bodies which claim to be concerned about human rights yet at the same time practice a double standard in relation to what is happening in Palestine.

ANHAR warns that the blind support for Israel’s right to defend itself is being used as a license to practice serious violations of human rights and the rules of engagement according to International Charter.

The Israeli army’s bombing of homes in the Gaza Strip with a massive amount of explosives from aircraft and cannons, including weapons considered internationally criminal, has led to the death of an overwhelming number of civilians, including children, women, and men. This starkly contradicts the right to life and the Fourth Geneva Convention, which mandates the duty to protect civilians in times of conflict and spare them the effects of the conflict.

In addition, the Israeli government announced the tightening of the siege on the Gaza Strip, including cutting off electricity, water, and food for more than 2 million people, which falls under internationally criminalized collective punishment.

Anhar Network denounces these serious violations of human rights and calls on the governments of the free world to raise their voices loudly against these violations and to pressure the Israeli government to spare civilians the scourge of war and not to use the lives of civilians and children as a bargaining card in the conflict.