The Red Carpet HRFF’s 6th edition: Karama Gaza

The sixth edition of Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival was launched in on October 13th, 2022, in the Gaza Strip for 5 days, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture in Gaza. This year’s edition was titled “See Us”, in an attempt to alert the world to what is happening in the besieged sector.

45 films were screened in the Holst Cinema, which the festival team contributed to rehabilitating and preparing for the opening of the festival’s screenings. Some films were premiered for the first time in Gaza, Khan Yunis, and Rafah, while outreach screenings took place simultaneously in Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Jericho.

A fruitful cooperation has been made with Karama Jordan in terms of exchanging films from ANHAR and Karama HRFF Jordan’s film packages. Ma3mal 612 also supported the short film produced by the Red Carpet HRFF directed by Montaser Alsabe. The copy rights of distinguished films of 2021 were arranged by Karama Jordan and sent to the Red Carpet Festival, such as the film “Feathers” by director Omar El-Zohairy, who won Karama Feather Award for a feature film, and “Fadia’s Tree” by Sarah Beddington, who won the Karma Feather award for a documentary film, in addition to other films, the most important of which are: “Gagarine“, “Tuk Tuk“, “The Legend of Psaltery“, “Cuckoo!”, the Palestinian animation “Mariam“, “Dancing in My Sadness“, “La Bestia“, and “Shakira“.