Joint event screening of the film “One more jump” by director Emmanuel Gerosa

The Cinema Club of the French Cultural Institute – Gaza, in cooperation with Anhar Network and the Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival – Karama Palestine, organized a screening of the film “One more jump” by director Emmanuel Gerosa, on July 7, 2022, at the headquarters of the French Cultural Center in Gaza. About 70 people attended this activity from the local community, and it is the second time in establishing such a joint event between the institute, the festival and Anhar Network. “One more jump” is a documentary that tells the story of Abdullah – the founder of Gaza’s Parkour team, who was invited to Europe, but decided not to return to Gaza. Meanwhile, his friend and teammate Jihad still lives in the Gaza Strip and trains the youngest members of the team: only sports can sustain their hopes alive. He also dreams of leaving Palestine. It is the story of the dreamy youth and its painful struggle between ambition, reality and adherence to the homeland, as it raises a question that is difficult to answer: Can you ever be free if you must leave everything you love behind?

The screening was followed by a discussion with the film’s director, Emmanuel Gerosa on line, about the director’s journey through pre-production till shooting phase, the international film’s successes, as well as the impact of the film on the European audience. (the perception of European audience)