Propaganda and the truth of The matter

In April, Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, hosted the semi-annual meeting of the Anhar Network in partnership with the Actif Association. Additionally, a joint roundtable discussion took place at the Africa Hotel involving the Tunisian Cultural Association for Integration and Training, the Karama Festival team from Jordan, and the Arab Network for Human Rights Films “Anhar.” The focus of the discussion was on the theme of “Propaganda and the Truth of the Matter.”

On April 22, 2024, a roundtable session was convened as a follow-up to the “Must Meet Meeting” activity, which initially took place during the Karama Festival in Jordan last December. The session included key figures such as Film Directors Sawsan Darwaza and Ihab Al-Khatib and media expert Ayman Bardawil founders of ANHAR Network and Karama Festival. Tunisian Activists and human rights experts also participated. The goal was to continue discussions from the previous meeting in Amman, fostering information exchange between the Mashreq and the Maghreb regions. The focus was on analyzing Arab narratives in comparison to Western narratives and exploring The Truth of the Matter.

During the roundtable, Professor and Lawyer Adnan Al-Imam discussed the specifics and steps involved in filing cases with the International Court of Justice regarding Israel’s actions in Gaza. Dr. Moez Al-Sharif, representing “Gaza Save the Children,” highlighted the role of civil society in monitoring violations against Palestinian civilians, particularly focusing on the welfare of the wounded and children. These presentations, alongside others, aimed to strengthen efforts to influence policymaking on human rights matters.