Film Screening: “Yallah Gaza”

The film “Yallah Gaza” by French director Roland Nurier was screened, exploring the mosaic of the city of Gaza before the recent war, shedding light on its social and geopolitical fabric. The film aims to explain the importance of the existing realities in the city and its relationship with other Palestinian cities, in addition to its direct crisis with Israeli occupation. The film includes a historical and social map highlighting the historical context of the region.

The screening was attended by more than 150 interested viewers and activists, in addition to journalists. The event was covered by Tunisian national television and other local stations. The main distributor of the film from the French Arab company Mailias Films, represented by producer Rachel Bezien, attended the screening. However, the director apologized for not being able to attend, and the local Palestinian producer, who is also a member of the ANHAR Network from the Karama Palestine Festival could not travel and attend.