The screening of the Lebanese film “All This Victory” in Tunisia

With the support of the ANHAR Network, the Arab Network for Human Rights Film Festivals, the Tunisian Human Rights and Resistance Cinema Club, in cooperation with the “Art Cafe” space, presented an open space in the city of Sousse on Saturday 11 September 2021.

The screening of the Lebanese film “All This Victory” “جدار الصوت” directed by Ahmed Ghossein was presented in front of a crowd of more than 30 people of different ages and some passers-by who came to the screening space.

After the end of the film, a discussion took place about points related to the director’s ability to deal with space, his success in conveying feelings of terror and his use of sound (bombs, conversations, the sound of bullets and planes…) to take the film’s characters into a realistic atmosphere.

The discussion also brought up the issue of war, considering its consequences, which are not only limited to the demolition of buildings, but also destabilize the psyche and kill hope.

It is worth noting that the Lebanese film “All This Victory” “جدار الصوت” is the film that won the Karama Feather Award for Best Fiction Film for the 11th edition in 2020.

Cinema of Resistance and Human Rights Club – Tunisia

  • During December 2020, ANHAR Network member in Tunisia, the “Cinema of Resistance and Human Rights Club“, held several films screenings, followed by discussions and introduction to human rights films in youth centers and culture houses in cooperation with ANHAR Network.
  • Last February 2021, the “Cinema of Resistance and Human Rights Club” was established at Ibn Khaldoun Maghreb Culture House, and in cooperation with the network, a screening of solidarity with the detained Egyptian producer “Moataz Abdel Wahab” was opened by showing the last tape produced by “When We Are Born” directed by Tamer Ezzat.
  • The first session of the “Cultural Caravan of Hope” was launched in cooperation between ANHAR Network and the International Organization Against Torture – Tunis Office. The convoy aims to establish human rights cinema clubs inside prisons, where films from the network were screened in 3 geographical regions of the Republic of Tunisia (North, Central, and South).
  • On March 2021, the club presented the movie “Roshmia” by director “Salim Abu Jabal”.
  • On June 5 2021, the animation movie “The Tower” by the Norwegian director Mats Grorud, was screened with discussion, in solidarity with the besieged Gaza and all of Palestine, in cooperation with ANHAR Network.
  • Work is underway to establish the first human rights cinema forum to be held during February 2022.

The screening of the Palestinian film “The Tower”

In collaboration with ANHAR Network, The cinema club for human rights and resistance invites you to the screening of the Palestinian film “The Tower

On Saturday the 5th of June 2021 at The House of Culture Ibn Khaldoun in Tunisia the capital.