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Full Name in English Almaz
Full Name in Arabic ألماظ
Running Time 30 min
Country of Production Sudan
Date of Production 2022

Annually millions of people leave their homes searching for a new life – 24-year old Almaz is one of them. A key stop on one of the most well used migration paths in Africa, thousands cross Sudan each year. No official status or money Almaz battles isolation and discrimination while finding support and acceptance in unexpected ways.

Director Name Mia Bittar
About the director

Born in Khartoum, Mia Bittar is a Lebanese/ Sudanese independent filmmaker. After working in New York and London as an editor, turned producer – director she returned to Sudan in 2008 and started traveling the country shooting documentaries. Al-Jazeera Witness commissioned her first film ‘Darfur Plays’. Since then Mia has sought to tell stories about Sudan that present a different narrative to that in the mainstream media, with a strong focus on women’s voices- both on and offscreen.