Full Name in English THE MORPHINE MELODY
Full Name in Arabic ميلوديا المورفين
Running Time 89 min
Country of Production Morocco
Date of Production 2019

Saïd Ettayer, a talented and well known violinist, lost his memory in a car accident. He gradually starts to remember all his memories and he gets back to his normal life after a few days. However, months later, he realizes that he cannot remember how he used to create music…

Director Name Hicham Amal
About the director

Hicham Amal is a Moroccan movie director. He started his career as a screenwriter for national television networks. He wrote many teleplays such LAAB AL BAROUD (Directed By Mohamed Nesrat) and YAMNA (Directed by Abdellah El Yazani) and participated in the writing of two series (THE TEAM, COOL CENTER). He produced and directed his first feature film “THE MORPHINE MELODY”. The movie was selected in the official competition at Dubai International Film Festival, and won two prizes (Best editing & Best First Feature) at the National Film Festival in Tangiers, 2016.