Affiche du film
Full Name in English Bridge
Full Name in Arabic جسر
Running Time 5 min
Country of Production Algeria
Date of Production 2021

On a long journey from an unknown area. And across a lonely road, the father tries to search for the nearest hospital to treat his son. But before reaching one of them, a surprise changes the course of events. In an attempt to narrate the reality of the individual and his rights in poor communities.

Director Name Boukef Mohamed Taher Shawki
About the director

An Algerian animation filmmaker, he holds a Masters degree in Radio and Television.Master 1 in Media and Communication from the Media and Communication faculty at Annaba University in eastern Algeria. Until 2022, Shawki has 7 animation short films, 70 international and national participations, 40 international and national awards, in addition to some animation musical works for various bands from Switzerland, England, Algeria, and Design some posters for films and festivals