Full Name in English Tamouzi
Full Name in Arabic تموزي
Running Time 13 min
Type of film Short
Country of Production Lebanon
Date of Production 2021

Ali, a 10 year old boy who is obsessed with ninja turtles, is on the road from Beirut to the south with his sisters. Upon arrival, the bombing starts and Ali realizes that he forgot his Sega console at home. This leads him to take the utmost risk and go back to get his game

Director Name Ali Dekmak
About the director

Ali Dekmak is a 27 year old Lebanese filmmaker. He studied Radio & TV and aspires to continue his journey by pursuing his Masters in Art Direction.
He is quite passionate about Cinema, ever since he was young, to the point that he would skip class, jump over the school walls, and head to the movie theatre right next to it.
Cinema is like his own therapeutic experience that roots him to keep going on in this life, because he can express what he feels and then visualize it which in part allows viewers to live his own personal experience.
There is an edging of inner emotions that he gets in script writing & directing; a wonderful emotion that he feels when he creates people, bring life to them, and even kill them.. just Like Zeus.. The Father and the king of Olympus.. He even used to do that in his childhood Toys; giving them names, stories, past, and even a present.
But no matter what, the main ambition remains which is changing the perspective of Lebanese Cinema; let it be known that we can create authentic real cinema here