We cannot go there now, my Dear

Full Name in English We cannot go there now, my Dear
Full Name in Arabic لا سبيل إلى العودة الآن، يا صديقي
Running Time 42
Film name in original language We cannot go there now, my Dear
Country of Production lebanon
Date of Production 2014
Poster of The Film

Palestinian refugees living in Syria have been severely affected by the war. Thousands have fled Syria seeking refuge in Lebanon becoming double-refugees. It is the second or even third time that they lose everything and find themselves once more homeless and stateless. This film tells part of their story; where memories are awakened between one exodus and the other, while loss invades everything striking the very self. A story where lives are continuously being rebuilt and improvised awaiting the return.

Photo of director
Director Name carol mansour
Sound Stereo
Color Colored
Name of Submitter muna khalidi
Email of Submitter munakhalidi@fwdprod.com