Ma3mal612 to Collaborate with Yemen Will Triumph NGO

We would like to welcome the ‘Yemen Will Triumph’ NGO as a new Guest Member of the ANHAR Network.

The country of Yemen joins the Karama Human Rights Film Festival’s subsidiary list; the festival that is organised by Ma3mal612 Think Factory, and originally founded in Amman, Jordan.

Both ‘Ma3mal612’ and ‘Yemen Will Triumph’ are philanthropic non-profit NGO’s that aim to further build their social & artistic lobbies, in order to voice out the priorities of their regions collectively. Hence, a collaboration between the two would create an even greater philanthropic force that highlights their similar goals.

This year, ‘Karama Human Rights Film Festival – Yemen’ or ‘Karama Yemen’ will be taking place fall of 2018.

More details to be announced soon, stay tuned!


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