The International Human Rights Film Festival-Karama Tunisia- by ACTIF association Human Screen

Karama Tunis- the International Human Rights Film Festival is on process for preparing its coming edition in March. The festival draws a main theme that most of the programs revolve around “Women’s Rights and the Rights of Marginalized Groups” focusing on Women’s Rights- Gender and Economic Justice-Artists Rights in addition to discuss the topic of COVID 19 and human rights- Media and Citizenship Education- Human Migration and Mobility. The festival aims to promote and perpetuate a culture of human rights in society through film screenings, spark debate, encourage critical thinking and civic engagement, and promote open democratic dialogue on human rights issues among various international, regional and local institutions, organizations and the general public.

Programming will include more than 24 international films from different countries. The films will be followed by discussions in the presence of filmmakers and youth of various film clubs and associations, in the presence of the director- producer or representative of the film, as well as speakers present in the field (NGO directors, journalists, academics, etc.). Special screening sessions in Tunisian youth houses will take place in order to be able to establish a culture of human rights among young people.

The festival addresses various topics by organizing three seminars on the following main themes: Cinema at the service of women and the integration of marginalized groups, Social Diversity Justice, Economic Justice and COVID-19, and Open dialogue – Art and Law. While the slogan of festivals workshop is “Promoting human rights, especially women’s rights, through documentaries.” Faithful to its customs and in cooperation with ANHAR, other organizations, and the partner associations in the regions, “ACTIF” will conduct outreach program and deliver presentations in different areas and venues in the following cities: Tunisia- Bizerte-Kasserine-Zarzis.